For the Love of Colour

I have a lifelong love of paint and colour. I’m a colour fanatic. It started when I was very young and I would tell people that when I grew up, I’d like to name paint colours for a living (I’d still love that job). It developed when I bought my first flat and although I’ve moved on from the clashing colours and bold choices of that flat there is still a huge part of me that lives for decorating with colour.

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If Spring is for Cleaning, Autumn is for Organising

For me, Autumn is the season of clearing out and organising. Something about the colder weather gives me the urge to sort, file and declutter. The quest for a bowl of something warming, a roaring fire in the log burner and a fluffy jumper seem to lead me down a path of rearranging our entire home in a flurry, so this post looks at storage options when space is limited.

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