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Under Stairs Storage for Every Staircase

Every year January gives me the motivation to get things cleared out and spruced up. As I've pottered about the place this week, cleaning and tidying, I wanted to jot down all the ways you can get the most out of what is frequently the least utilised space in the house - under the stairs. Making this space work depends on where in your home your staircase is located, so I've split my ramblings into some rough areas.

Deck the Halls

Is it too early? It's advent tomorrow and our decorations will be coming out! There is something quite magical about the first day of advent. To me it means 'permission granted' to send Nick up into the attic to haul down a huge ungainly box and then watch him quickly disappear. For me, early December is the time to dress the architecture of the house, my favourites being the staircase and the fireplace.

19th November 2018|Lifestyle|

Instagram, the Staff Room of the Self Employed

Nick and I are very lucky. We work together, in a peaceful place surrounded by oak trees, countryside and animals. It’s not lonely, but it is isolated. And for us, that is precisely where Instagram has fitted in. It has allowed us to connect with a diverse range of people; local crafts people, makers from across the Atlantic, companies we admire, companies our customers admire and people who have achieved our goals themselves.

8th November 2018|Lifestyle|

For the Love of Colour

I have a lifelong love of paint and colour. I’m a colour fanatic. It started when I was very young and I would tell people that when I grew up, I’d like to name paint colours for a living (I’d still love that job). It developed when I bought my first flat and although I’ve moved on from the clashing colours and bold choices of that flat there is still a huge part of me that lives for decorating with colour.

19th October 2018|Lifestyle|

Case Study: Oak Spindle Staircase Installation in Hampshire

What should you expect when hiring Hambledon Staircases to complete your staircase renovation? In this example we look at a new oak spindle staircase installation near Lymington in Hampshire. We look at the stages involved, from the free initial consultation and site visit, through to a day by day account of the renovation up until completion.

If Spring is for Cleaning, Autumn is for Organising

For me, Autumn is the season of clearing out and organising. Something about the colder weather gives me the urge to sort, file and declutter. The quest for a bowl of something warming, a roaring fire in the log burner and a fluffy jumper seem to lead me down a path of rearranging our entire home in a flurry, so this post looks at storage options when space is limited.

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